Terra Firma Tool Patented Garden Hand Fork Terra Firma Patented Garden border Hand Fork used with one hand grip reducing strain on the wrist and preventing sore or blistered palms

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Terra Firma Tools Hand Fork & Trowel

Patent and registered design

Frequently Asked Questions

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Terra Firma Tool Patented Garden Hand Fork

Q: Is it lightweight for single arm use?
A: The handle is tough injection molded plastic which is very light and strong, with a tool head selected to be lightweight and provide good overall balance.

Q: Where can it be used?
A: Ideal for both the modern home with small gardens or larger gardens with extensive borders and beds and equally useful for the growing number of people who wish to keep allotments for growing organic home produce.

Q: Who can use it?
A: Ideal for everyone, we found that the design is "non discriminating" indeed it is "Inclusive" which makes it equally attractive to all users including many with disabilities, further more, it meets the overseas & worldwide requirements of subsistence farmers who are predominantly women workers requiring lightweight, medium sized tools.

Q: Why design it that size?
A: Weeding is most successful when the weeds are removed rather than just left behind, so the tool is made to be used when kneeling to quickly dig out and remove all weeds. When used it also provides a support to reach out and move around the beds and borders with a free hand to collect the weeds.

Q: Will it remove large & deep tap root plants like dandelions?
A: Yes, the Terra Firma fork and trowel is much larger than a standard hand fork and you can apply much more force with less effort to dig out the largest weeds

Q: Is it left or right handed?
A: Both ! it can be used any way you like, indeed unlike full size garden forks, in can be used by people with only one arm.

Q: Will it be available as other tool variations?
A: Yes, we plan to make a range of other tools which would give the same advantages of single and two handed use in a medium size lightweight tool, ie a small spade, weeding hoe and trowel for planting and we have discovered that the "Metal detector community" love our design too!

Q:How does kneeling down help ?
A: Using a kneeling pad with your Terra Firma tool will allow you to do more work in less time, with less effort. Most activities where you need to bend, stoop over, crouch down or squat will cause discomfort quite rapidly, because these are all "Stress positions". However, kneeling on a pad and the freedom to move body weight including reaching out with the aid of the Terra Firma tool is a more comfortable and sustainable.

Q: Is it worth the investment ?
A: Yes, on two counts, first if you like and enjoy caring for your own garden, then this will be a great addition to your favourite garden tools, however, if you are not so keen or even pay someone to do the garden, then consider that for the price of perhaps two hours of a hired gardener, you could own a tool that will make it easier to do some gardening yourself and save money for many years to come.

Q: Will there be a small one handed spade or trowel for metal detector users ?
A: Yes, The Trowel does a very good job, and we have already been asked if this design can be made as a small spade for one arm use to help fans of metal detecting, just contact us and we will keep you informed with progress.

Terra Firma Patented Garden border Hand Fork used with one hand grip reducing strain on the wrist and preventing sore or blistered hands

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